For your custom mascot cartoon, contact us by phone or e-mail. If you prefer to call, bear in mind that we're located on the West Coast so please call between 8:30 am and 5 pm (PST) M-F. Should you phone earlier or later, or on weekends, we're still likely to pick up the phone, but estimates for service requested will be substantially greater than they are during our feeble attempt at establishing some sort of normal working hours.

ph: (707) 477-9825

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Mascot Request Form:

Since our mind-reading software developed a virus, and (thankfully, or we'd have no business) most folks can't draw as well as they'd like to, we've prepared a short form for you to fill out when requesting your mascot cartoon. It's an attempt to quantify the unlimited and qualify the indescribable but we'd still like you to fill it out, if only to humor us.

Download: Mascot Request (PDF)