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Here's a short test:

Who promotes audio fidelity with a pooch?
Who quickly qualms a queasy stomach?
Who uses a duck to sell insurance?
Who resembles a stack of radials?
Who charged us to use electricity?
Name the rainbow-billed breakfast bird.
Who carried America's torch in the 1984 Olympics
Name two woodland creatures that defend the environment.
Which canine takes a bite out of crime?
What pastel feline insulates buildings?
Who's the chubby kid in checkered overalls?
Who promotes a tropical fruit drink with a pugnacious minehune?
Who beats the drum incessantly?
Who sells car insurance in 15 seconds?
Who pitched home-delivered pizza in red pj's?
What feline in high tops chases cheesy snacks?
Name three politically incorrect mascots now banished but not forgotten?
Who are no longer counted on to fall asleep?
What ursine ranger became eponymous with the highway police?
What multi-ribbed French phantom is synonymous with radials and restaurants?
What quadrennial competition always has a new mascot?
Who was repeatedly rejected for a starring role in a nicoise salad?
Name a trio of breakfast noisemakers?
Whose cigar-chomping woodpecker is frequently tattooed on customers? was not involved in the creation of any of these quiz images.
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